Welcome to
Pleasantview Farm LLC
Simpsonville, Kentucky
Bill and Kris Knight-Owners/Trainers
Alex Wille-Irmiter-Trainer/Instructor
JP Chesser-Assistant
Pleasantview Farm is located in the heart of the "American Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World," historic Simpsonville, Kentucky.  Farm owners, Bill and Kris Knight have been pivitol to the saddlebred industry as trainers.  Many world championship titles have been won under the Pleasantview Farm Banner and countless others won by horses purchased at Pleasantview.

The well being of the horse is critical in the Pleasantview Farm training program as is the suitability of horse to rider. This ideology is what has helped make the training program so successful.

Pleasantview Farm is pleased to introduce a new Riding Lesson Program for riders interested in learning to ride and show American Saddlebreds.  Alex Wille-Irmiter is heading the program and is currently welcoming new, enthusiastic riders!